Liverpool Football Club officially celebrates its 127th birthday today.

On June 3, 1892, founder John Houlding received the certificate below from the Board of Trade, which ratified the formation of his brand new team to play at Anfield.

The chain of events that led to the creation of Liverpool FC had actually started three months earlier, when Houlding and his close associates split from Everton FC after an acrimonious dispute.

Left with a stadium but without a team, a new club was born.

A vision was quickly agreed upon, beginning with the mission statement: “That the club be called Liverpool Football Club and shall play under the Rules of the Football Association.”

But Houlding and his friends would have to wait until June 3 of that year for Liverpool Football Club and Athletic Grounds Company Limited to be officially recognised.

The rest, as they say, is history.

One hundred and twenty-seven years, 42 major trophies, thousands of magical moments, millions of passionate supporters around the world, one Liverpool FC.