Liverpool FC has launched eAcademy, a brand-new online platform to help young footballers master the skills necessary to play the Liverpool way.

Developed by coaches at LFC, this is an unparalleled opportunity for young players to benefit from the leading Academy expertise of one of the world’s most successful clubs, whether they are starting out in the game or want to supplement other forms of training they may be undertaking.  

Through world-class Academy training methods, elite technical insights and inspiring content from first-team stars, LFC’s new eAcademy provides youngsters with a unique opportunity to develop their individual skills and techniques. 

Designed to be easily accessible to young fans around the world, the platform provides access to professional skills development videos and LFC coach demonstrations to break each technique down into the most important aspects to focus on. 

For added aspirational value and to help push young players closer to their goals, eAcademy includes LFC match footage to inspire and motivate while identifying examples of the techniques deemed to be most important by our coaches.

And young Reds can also get pointers from the boss himself, with Jürgen Klopp endorsing which skills to focus on and giving an authentic insight into the areas most valued at LFC. 

Klopp said: “The eAcademy gives users a unique insight into the skills we value when playing the Liverpool way. It’s a great platform to help young players learn the techniques they need to advance their skills and become a better footballer. The LFC eAcademy will show you how to master the most important skills and techniques.”

Reds captain Jordan Henderson said: “Developing your skills to become the best footballer you can be is about hard work, dedication and commitment. You need to spend hours and hours practising and mastering techniques as a young player.

“The LFC eAcademy will support and guide young footballers to make sure they are working on the areas that will help them the most.”

eAcademy is the ideal way for parents and guardians to help their children learn to play the Liverpool way and improve their game performance from home. 

Trent Alexander-Arnold added: “I didn’t only rely on my training with my coaches to improve my game, I had to work hard and practise on my own to make sure I was going to achieve my goals. I’d have loved to have something like this when I was growing up. The eAcademy is a fantastic platform to show young players how to play the Liverpool way.” 

The perfect gift for any young player and Liverpool fan, LFC eAcademy is available for the one-off cost of £49.99 for 12 months, providing access to the full programme and masterclass content. 

LFC eAcademy is available to access via