Rest in peace, Ian St John.

Jürgen Klopp: "He was not only football-wise a legend, but a true legend as a person... I feel really honoured to have met him and when I heard the news today, I was devastated. All my prayers go to his family and I know he is in a better place as well."

Sir Kenny Dalglish: "I think it's right to use the word 'icon'... I'm sure he knew that when he was here, the club really appreciated and revered him for what he did for us."

Steven Gerrard: "He's an iconic figure at Liverpool Football Club. He's someone I'd met on numerous occasions and he's a fantastic guy. He was really insightful in terms of his career at Liverpool and his knowledge and expertise, and he always wanted to pass that on. I'm really devastated to hear the news, and I'm shocked. I'd like to send my condolences to his family. He's someone I've got incredible respect for."

Roy Evans: "It's really sad news. Ian was one of our greats, that's for sure. I joined Liverpool at the age of 15 in 1964 and the team were starting to grow under Shanks. Even in my early days, when I was in the A and B team, Ian would talk to you. He would try to help me and do things for you. He was a great guy.

"He was such a great character, good fun, good laugh - but don't get on the wrong side of him! If you got on the wrong side of him he'd be on your case, that's for sure! Winning the FA Cup for the first time in 1965 was like when we won the Premier League last year. It was so special and for Ian to get the winner was brilliant for him and for us as supporters."

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Chris Lawler: "What a competitor. He is one of the best players we have ever had at this football club. I used to joke with him about his winning goal in the 1965 FA Cup final. I said: 'Why did you stoop that low to head the ball? You could have just headed it normally!' What a moment that was to win the FA Cup. That was such a special day for us all, to be part of the first Liverpool team to win the FA Cup. I will miss my friend and send all my best to his family."