Today marks one year since the chaotic and distressing scenes unfolded at the 2022 Champions League final in Paris, when Liverpool played Real Madrid.

Many supporters were caught up in the chaos and have been left deeply affected by what happened as they tried to enter and leave Stade de France.

Twelve months on, we are reminding supporters that help is still available from partnering organisations. With the continued support of LFC Foundation, fans can still access the mental health toolkit here.

We continue to work with a number of expert mental health organisations and have pledged financial assistance for those organisations already in high demand. It is important to reassure all fans that expert help continues to be available.

We would like to thank supporters again for reliving their awful experiences and taking the time to catalogue these and send them in to us. Your feedback was sent to UEFA as part of its independent panel report, with the findings released in February this year. The report fully vindicated Liverpool fans while finding UEFA primarily responsible for organisational failings, absence of overall control or oversight of safety and security, and poor planning and lack of contingency plans. The report also stated that the actions of the Liverpool supporters on the day saved lives.

We would also like to acknowledge Joe Blott from the Liverpool official supporters’ trust, Spirit of Shankly, and Ted Morris from the Liverpool Disabled Supporters Association for their tireless work in representing LFC fans at the French Senate and many other commitments throughout the investigation process.

Since the independent panel report was published, UEFA said it plans to implement the 21 recommendations that are published in the report here.