Aston Villa supporter James Laishley provides the view from the opposition ahead of Saturday's fixture - including why his team should worry about more than just Luis Suarez.

Villa are mid-table at the halfway point of the season - how happy are you with that position?

Considering the football we've been playing this season, I'm very happy with 11th. We've lost five of the last seven games and somehow only risen in position, so the fact that we're only out of the top half of the table by goal difference is surprising. I think for this reason, finishing anywhere above where we did last season (15th) would be seen as progress.

Paul Lambert was criticised for comments relating to the FA Cup; what is the general consensus among the fans on the manager at the moment?

The consensus is very mixed at the moment. Being manager of Villa always has high expectations because of the history and size of the club, so when we are doing badly there will always be negative fans. However, personally I like Paul Lambert and he is rebuilding the club and improving us slowly. He hasn't had the money that O'Neill or even McLeish had, so I think a large proportion of fans are still willing to give him a chance.

Just five goals in the league so far this season for Christian Benteke, after hitting 19 last year, but is he still the man to stop in your team?

We haven't had a lot of firepower in the team this season and last season we heavily relied on Benteke. He's only scored five this season but is still our top scorer. He scored in the last game and maybe it'll be enough to kickstart his season. He's definitely still the man to stop.

How are Villa likely to set up on Saturday?

If Lambert chooses to stick to his usual tactics then we'll play three at the back plus two wing-backs in Lowton and Luna. I think we'll play three central midfielders and two up top with Agbonlahor supporting Benteke. Our tactics have always been more effective away from home as it's a quick, counter-attacking line-up.

Pundits are talking about Anfield being a worrying place to go once again - as a fan of another side, is that actually the case?

Liverpool are looking very strong this season. They're definitely looking good for a Champions League spot and Suarez is looking unstoppable. It's not just him, though; Henderson is starting to look good and Sturridge is a big threat too.

Is the Premier League genuinely more competitive this season?

Yes, the Premier League is much more competitive than it's been the last few seasons. Teams like United and Tottenham are weaker than they've been for years whilst Liverpool, Everton and Arsenal look stronger. A lot of the teams at the bottom are beating each other and even some of the top teams are losing to those at the bottom. It's making for a very unpredictable season.

If we rule out the obvious answer of Luis Suarez, who worries you most in the Liverpool team?

Sturridge being fit to start the game against Villa is concerning, whilst Sterling is also showing a lot of improvement this season. I think whoever partners Suarez up front will be a big threat.

As a neutral, do you expect the Reds to qualify for the Champions League?

I genuinely think Liverpool will qualify for the Champions League this season. It'll be close and I think Everton, Spurs and United will give you a run for your money but I definitely think Liverpool deserve it and are playing the sort of football that will result in them finishing in the top four.

What's your prediction?