The official LFC magazine revealed hip-hop's biggest superstar Dr Dre is a Liverpool fan on Tuesday night. Here's the strangest interview ever

So you like Liverpool?

Yeah! They're the team I always look out for when I'm at home. Back in 1988 I was in London on a promotional tour with NWA, and one night we were watching TV and these cool cats in red came on the box. They whupped some poor dudes four or five zip.

Do you remember any of the players from last night?

John Barnes. He was bad. Kinda reminded me of Magic Johnson. I'm from LA and dig the Lakers, especially when Magic was there, and Barnes was like him, in that he made the ball talk. The cat was cool.

Did you ever hear him rap?

No, but if he rapped like he played, I might have signed him up...

Do you know any of the current team?

Michael Owen is your most famous player in the States. Robbie Fowler and Jamie Redknapp are old school, so I've seen them play quite a few times. And there's the guy with the long hair. Help me out here...

Patrik Berger...

Bingo! He's the bomb!

Who's your favourite player?

Michael owen. Whoa!

What did you make of Liverpool's success last season?

I read about it when they won the Cup last May. My man Owen again, and then he was in a crazy game for England with volleyball scores against Germany. Liverpool's success is down to their manager. He's got everything running as smooth as the alphabet.

What's the football coverage like in America?

We have a review of English soccer every Monday on television, which I tune into if I can. America isn't a soccer nation, we tend to stick to our own sports like gridiron and baseball.

And what's your prediction for Liverpool this season?

They'll come ahead of Manchester United. That right there is the whole game.