Jürgen Klopp isn’t anticipating anything other than a ‘big fight’ in order for Liverpool to clinch victory over Huddersfield Town at Anfield tonight.

The Terriers sit bottom of the Premier League table, with relegation already confirmed, while the Reds are aiming to return to the top of the division.

However, Klopp insists anything his team get this evening will need to be hard earned.

The manager wrote in his column for the official matchday programme: “What is abundantly clear coming into this game is that we will have a big fight on our hands this evening to get the result we need. If the last few weeks and months has taught us anything, it’s that to achieve what we want we must always be prepared to go and take it – absolutely nothing will be handed to us.

“You only need to think about the competitive games at Fulham, Southampton and Cardiff to realise that to win games in the Premier League you need to be at your very best for 90-plus minutes or you fall short. Nothing less than your everything will do.

“We have been very blessed that our players have displayed the attitude required. They completely understand what is needed. You do not get into the position we are in now without recognising that.

“I feel very blessed to have this group. Huddersfield have had a tough campaign admittedly, but within that they have shown the fight and spirit that helped them achieve the amazing success they enjoyed in the past three years.

“Anyone who underestimates their quality only needs to think back to the game when we faced them at their home earlier in the season. I didn’t hide it on the night and don’t hide from it now – we were extremely fortunate to leave with the win. They were brilliant that night and deserved something in terms of points.

“I have been in their position before in my career, where you have to accept dropping back before looking to take strides forward again and therefore I know that matches such as tonight’s presents a wonderful opportunity for them to make a statement.

“We must have more hunger and more desire than them and work even harder – it’s that simple. Our supporters and our team are so in tune now with what we require I do not need to give reminders or cautionary team talks to either about complacency, patience or the need to react positively to setbacks in games. Our club – the entire club – has grown together so we have the perfect mentality of respect for the opposition, while having complete faith and belief in ourselves and what we do.

“At Porto and Cardiff I spoke before and after the games about the journey we are on together and how taking joy from it is so important. As a team we only focus on what is directly ahead of us, in terms of the next fixture. We don’t get distracted by speculation and hyperbole on the outside.

“We don’t get distracted by what others are doing – they have their path and we have ours. But we love the fact our supporters can squeeze all the positivity there is from our current situation. Reaching your destination is always the most important part of any journey and for us as a team we will never lose sight of the importance of delivering.

“But if you don’t or can’t enjoy the journey to it, then it isn’t as special when you finally arrive. Some journeys take longer, some have diversions and bumps in the road. I believe the journeys that have the most importance can be the most difficult to make. Regardless, these moments should only be about enjoyment for our fans. Soak up the enjoyment of the ride. For us, the team, it is about working and performance and focus. We are the ones with the job to do, this is our mindset.

“Ask yourself what motivates these boys to fight and battle as they have all season? It is to win for the supporters. If Anfield was empty every week, or devoid of passion and energy it wouldn’t feel the same. So the supporters must never dial down the joy or the anticipation. The pressure we feel is only positive – the pressure we feel brings more energy not less.”

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