Jordan Henderson talks of his pride in and admiration for Liverpool supporters during his notes for this evening's official matchday programme.

Ahead of the Reds’ meeting with West Ham United at Anfield, the captain has paid tribute to the efforts of those who have recently raised a six-figure sum for the Fans Supporting Foodbanks initiative.

“I’ve said it before many times and it’s not cliche: our fans do make a difference. And we’ve had yet more evidence of that over the last week with our fans raising an incredible amount of money to support the foodbanks in Liverpool,” Henderson writes.

“As a team and as a club, this is a cause that’s become very close to our hearts and one of the other things that we most miss about matchdays at Anfield is the sight of the Fans Supporting Foodbanks van collecting, because it is always such a hive of activity. 

“Having spoken to the volunteers a couple of times, I know they have always hoped for a situation in which they would not have to collect food. But not being able to collect is another thing entirely, especially as they rely on the donations that they receive on a matchday simply because the generosity of our supporters makes such a difference. 

“So the fact that our supporters have taken this generosity online during a global crisis tells you everything that you need to know.  

“I know that many of you have not been happy about pay-per-view costs but have turned this negativity into a positive and in doing so have shown the kind of solidarity that is going to continue to be needed as the crisis carries on. 

“I’m not able to tell you in words how proud I am of you and to play for you.

“As players, we thrive on the appreciation of supporters, but right now our supporters should know that we appreciate you more than ever. 

“At some point, and hopefully one not too far away, we will be able to show this in person, but until that moment arrives we will show our appreciation in the best way possible - by continuing to give our all on the pitch so that every Liverpool fan who is following from home knows that even if you are not with us in person, we are still playing for you.”