The season ticket waiting list was reviewed in 2011, with an invite to all those fans on the historical list to update their details and confirm they still wish to remain on a waiting list for a season ticket. This consolidated list is maintained and updated each season as seats become available. The Club has compiled a list of questions that cover most enquiries about this process.

Please keep visiting the website for further announcements about future seating capacity and ticketing information.

● I wasn’t contacted about the consolidation project in 2011?
Liverpool FC made every effort to contact all 70,000 fans at the registered address and publicised the project extensively on the LFC website. The project is now closed and further applications to join cannot be pursued due to the time elapsed.

● Can I join the waiting list?
The list is currently closed and unlikely to open for new applications in the foreseeable future due to the number of people already waiting for season tickets.

● Where am I on the waiting list?
If you registered your interest during the 2011 project and paid the £5 admin fee, your name will be on the list and you will have received a confirmation including a unique reference code. To check your position simply follow this link and enter your surname and the reference code. You can also update your address details using this system.

● What if my details aren’t recognised on this list?
Please contact Customer Services and provide your personal details including address and we will remind you of your reference code.

● I don’t agree with my position on the waiting list – what can I do about it?
The positions on the list have been checked and audited at each stage of the consolidation process. Due to the time that has elapsed since the launch of the official waiting list project we are unable to pursue any further queries about list positions.

● If I decide to come off the new waiting list, will the initial fee be refunded?
No. This was an administration fee and helped to cover the cost of the project. We will remove your name from the list if you request it through Customer Services.

● Will you be increasing the number of season tickets available?
The Club reviews the breakdown of its ticket allocation each season. This process has been completed for the 2015-16 season with a limited number of seats offered to fans at the top of the list. Further announcements about ticket capacity will be made when the information is available.

If you have a query that has not been answered above, please contact our customer services team >>