STH - Seat Relocation Period

What is the Seat Relocation Period?

This is a dedicated online enrolment period for those season ticket holders that are required to move into a different seat from their Premier League seat for cup competitions. This is primarily due to seats being required by governing bodies’ contractual requirements.

How do I know if my seat is impacted?

Season ticket holders who are impacted will be emailed Tuesday July 12 with full details of how and when to select an alternative seat.

What happens if I don’t select an alternative seat during this period?

If you do not select an alternative seat within this period, unfortunately, you will automatically be removed from the relevant scheme. 

Will I be charged when I select an alternative seat?

No; however, you will still need to register the payment card you wish LFC to take payment from, for Auto Cup Scheme payments to be taken during season 2022/23.  

Can I select my alternative seat with other season ticket holders that have to move?

Yes, as long as your Supporter ID numbers are linked via the Friends and Family option within My Account, before selecting your seats.  

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