Liverpool FC welcomed the RAC to the Academy this week to give a demonstration to the U23s and U18s on motoring maintenance.

Members of Neil Critchley and Barry Lewtas’ squads learned a whole host of different skills with the RAC, including how to change a tyre and check oil levels.

Head of education and welfare Phil Roscoe said: "It is really important that the lads are educated on skills that they might may require on a daily basis away from football, such as changing a tyre, should there be any issues with their respective cars.

"One of our key priorities at the Academy is to do as much as we possibly can to ensure that our young players are as prepared as they possibly can be for life in general because playing football is just part of who they are. This visit from the RAC and the education they provided fits in perfectly with that approach.

"It was brilliant for the lads to have been taught properly by the RAC and highlights that education is not just involved with on the pitch issues. We would like to thank the RAC for visiting the Academy and would like to welcome them back in the near future."

Matt Dallaway, RAC director of roadside operations, said: "We were approached by Liverpool FC to stage a practical demonstration with players from the Academy on basic motoring maintenance, and we were more than happy to help out. 

"There’s a lot of technology that goes into a modern car these days; however, there are still some basic checks that every motorist can do and it’s a really useful life skill for young drivers to have. So we looked at things like how to change a tyre, checking oil, making sure levels are topped up, and let them have a go first hand.

"Being part of the Academy I’m sure these lads eat, breathe and sleep football every day, but it’s important there is also room for educational projects like this, which is why we were keen to support Phil Roscoe's programme when we were invited to take part."