Kenny Dalglish has today paid tribute to his backroom team of Steve Clarke and Sammy Lee.

The Scot was quick to praise the work of his coaches after yesterday's announcement that he would be at the helm of Liverpool Football Club for the next three years.

Dalglish said: "The best way to get results is to get great people working with you and that's what we did.

"You identify your faults and bring in someone that's better than you at what you can't do and we've got a good chance.

"Stevie and Sammy are much better at what they do than what I could do for them.

"Steve has been fantastic, Sammy is still here and done a great job alongside him, and the three of us work together and it works well for us."

In his autobiography Dalglish claimed he still had 'unfinished business at Liverpool' and he is delighted to have that chance again to try and build more success at his spiritual home.

He added: "The unfinished business was leaving before you're sacked or before the end of your contract.

"To get the chance to come back and finish off the contract is very fortunate for myself.

"This is a unique football club and I am delighted to have the opportunity to help build something special here again.

"To get the chance to come back and finish off the contract is very fortunate for myself.

 "You feel very proud and very humbled to be asked to come back. It was pleasant when [Henry and chairman Tom Werner] asked me to come back this time but it was understandable they wanted to take their time in case it did not suit me or I did not suit them.

"But I never had any doubt in my mind that once I got in [the job] it would be something that I would enjoy again.

"We always said there was no rush. There has been nothing wrong with any discussions, it is just the way it was done. We only wanted to do it when it was right for everybody.

"The place is much more stable now than it was before, the supporters have got a smile on their faces and we want to keep the smile there for as long as we can. Everyone is pointing in the same direction."

"Whether it's more difficult to get there or stay there is open to debate, but the only common denominator is wanting to get better. That's the priority: to get better.

"So this is no different to last time. If I make more correct than wrong decisions, it won't go too badly.

"But we are not going to sit here and shout our mouth off about what we are going to do.

"We're just going to work and do the best we possibly can because a lot of people care an awful lot about the football club and we've got to prove we feel the same way."

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