As Liverpool FC Women prepare to face Manchester United in the Continental Cup on Wednesday, we continue our Spotlight series with captain Niamh Fahey.

Each member of Vicky Jepson's team is telling us about their footballing background, inspirations, what it's like to represent the Reds and more.

Next up is the skipper, Republic of Ireland international Fahey...

Which year did you sign for Liverpool FC Women?


What made you choose to be a footballer?

I didn't. It just sort of happened as I continued to play, I got the opportunity to become a professional.

Who is your footballing idol? 

Steven Gerrard.

What is the best football match you've ever watched?

Liverpool v Barcelona, Champions League, the second leg, that comeback from 3-0 down!

What's the best thing about representing LFC?

It's the club I grew up supporting and it's just unbelievable to be a Liverpool player.

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Describe yourself in three words...

Honest, humorous, kind.

Favourite TV show?


Favourite film?


Favourite music artist?

Bon Iver.

Favourite song?


What would you have wanted to be if you hadn't become a footballer?

An engineer.

Best singer in the squad?

Jess Clarke.