Dates for the second Members' ticket sales of the 2018-19 season were announced on Thursday.

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Following access issues during the last Members' sale in July, Liverpool FC has undertaken a thorough investigation to understand and resolve the problems experienced by supporters.  

The investigation concluded that the servers supporting the ticketing sales platform were overloaded due to an unprecedented volume of hits per second. This traffic was generated from automated bots which flooded the site and temporarily prevented it from working as it should.

The club takes this type of sophisticated criminal activity very seriously and has sought the advice and expertise of security specialists. As such, industry-leading software which combats malicious activity and blocks access to the platform has been implemented, enabling genuine supporters and legitimate traffic to access the platform more easily.

For fans, the journey of joining the queue will be the same. However, there may be an additional few seconds in the process while the new software verifies that the visitor is not a malicious bot or spammer.

The changes come as part of the club's ongoing work to review its ticketing processes to make tickets more accessible for supporters while ensuring their ultimate online security.

Fans are reminded to follow the Members' ticket sales blog on for regular live updates throughout the sale.