Joel Matip and Dominic Solanke joined local school children and CBBC favourites Ben Shires and Naomi Wilkinson at Anfield to take part in the BBC’s Super Movers Live Lesson.

The Live Lesson consisted of a fun, active maths session for seven to nine-year-olds showcasing Super Movers content and energising classrooms across the UK.

Liverpool first-teamers Matip and Solanke also took the opportunity to show off their Super Moves during the lesson, as well as giving some advice on how to get active. 

The BBC and the Premier League launched Super Movers this week - an exciting partnership that will help primary school teachers inspire children to become more active throughout their school day and enhance their learning. 

Super Movers will bring stars from the worlds of football, music and television together in fun, free and easy-to-follow educational videos which will capture children’s imaginations and help teachers to get them moving throughout the day with a series of routines and activities. 

Matip said: “Super Movers is a great idea. It not only gets children to move but learn at the same time. The kids today certainly showed me a move or two.”

Along with the Premier League and other football clubs, the LFC Foundation - Liverpool FC's official charity - will support Super Movers through their work in local schools, helping teachers use the Super Movers videos in classrooms and encouraging an active ethos. 

Andrea Cooper, head of the LFC Foundation, added: “We were delighted to host the Super Movers Live Lesson at Anfield. It’s a fantastic campaign that promotes physical activity, which is something we are very passionate about because we know the positive effects that being active can have on children’s attainment, behaviour, concentration, self-esteem and of course health.

“We will be encouraging all of our local schools to engage in Super Movers and access the fun online content.”

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