Liverpool's U18 squad last week paid a surprise visit to local children in the city to mark National Reading Week.

A number of Steven Gerrard’s squad visited Kingsley Community Primary School in Toxteth whilst another group of players visited Millstead School in Everton.

Those who visited Kingsley Community Primary School participated in reading with the kids before undertaking a Q&A session.

There was something a little different for those that visited Millstead School, which is a special educational needs school, as they took part in a rebound therapy trampoline session.

On the visit from the Academy players, Lynn Irwin, the school business manager from Millstead Primary School, said: "The visit from the young players enabled some of our pupils to showcase the skills they have been developing in sitting, standing and walking independently.

"The children and players had lots of fun together and it was evident that the players were keen to learn about our school and the curriculum we offer to our very special pupils.

"The visit was hugely important in raising awareness about disability and the players were keen to take part in the session and support the pupils.

"The players were great ambassadors for Liverpool and for sport and we look forward to welcoming them back to Millstead."