Dedication to overcoming setbacks, determination to achieve and happy days feature in our latest weekly round-up of Liverpool FC quotes...

“I’ll basically dedicate my life for as long as I can to this football club to make sure we’re as successful as we can be.”

The words of Jordan Henderson after signing a new long-term Liverpool contract

“It’s frightening.”

A succinct description of Liverpool’s front three from Harry Kewell

“I was a real pain to be around, to be honest. My girlfriend probably hated me for those first couple of months but she was one of the people who kept me going.”

Andy Robertson opened up on his wait for a regular run at Liverpool at the beginning of last season

“Everything happens for a reason and is almost planned out for us. So you should always be happy and upbeat. I know you can’t be deliriously happy every day but we can at least try to be.”

Naby Keita explained his happy nature in a special fan Q&A

“It was funny actually because I was doing all the heading and ugly work with our defenders and all the centre-backs must have been wishing they had been centre-forwards instead because they were stuck with me!”

U18s boss Barry Lewtas struck a self-deprecating tone as he revealed Sir Kenny Dalglish’s recent involvement in training sessions at the Academy

“They are always close. I can see they have a special affinity. Lovren always makes him laugh all the time.”

Sadio Mane on the Mohamed Salah-Dejan Lovren friendship

“I know I can make a significant contribution over the course of a long season and that’s where my focus will remain – with so much to play for.”

Adam Lallana remained upbeat after positive news on the groin strain that forced his withdrawal from the England squad

“Having everyone in the one place made it really special. It was just perfect and as it turned out, nobody would change a thing about Shevchenko Park.”

Tom Cassidy reflected on the success of Shevchenko Park in our latest Behind the Badge

“You can see the relationship he has with the players all the time, he’s very friendly in speaking with them, and that was important for me in coming here and working with him. I knew him from Germany when I was at Bayern and he was manager of Dortmund. He wanted me to come to Liverpool and I wanted to work with him so I am very happy to reunite with him.”

Xherdan Shaqiri on the influence of Jürgen Klopp

“I’m trying to stay positive, that’s the sort of character I am. I feel that’s the best way to move things forward. I’m in good spirits and I’m progressing for sure.”

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain gave an update on his injury rehabilitation